First Thing in the Morning Freakout

I am so predictable.

My morning routine involves turning on the coffee maker, then coming back here to turn on my computer to log in, start my browser, then go back to get a cup of morning wakeup, and then come back here to see what my little slice of the online world did overnight.

As I came in to the room, I could see it from the doorway.  What the heck?

My pinned tabs are Hootsuite, Facebook, Gmail, Google Plus, Scribefire, and the Mozilla start page.  Even before taking my first sip, I knew that wasn’t the Firefox logo.  Have I been hijacked?

Using my best internet discovery skills, I hover over the mask to see where I’d go if I was foolish enough to click on it.  The destination appears to be in the domain.  I’m starting to feel a little better.  Maybe it was Mozilla that was hijacked.  Looking back at the screen, I see the small print.  How did I miss it the first time?  Oh, yeah, it was the mask thing.

It turns out that it links to a quick tutorial and information about online privacy.

I click my way through the presentation.  It really is good stuff.  Great advice.

I hadn’t heard of Lightbeam for Firefox before.  A quick check reveals that it’s an extension from Mozilla designed to let you know “who else” is watching you as you visit a page on the web.  Of course, I had to test it.  It’s always a little freaky to see the results from utilities like this.  You really aren’t alone out there!

It came at a great time.  Last night, I had a quick online interaction with a friend who was developing some student resources for online safety.  That really helped with the context of the entire resource.  There’s a complete lesson in there about online privacy as well as a link to some of the Privacy and Security addons that are available to Firefox users.  Looking through them was like seeing some old friends!

The link to get you started appears here.

OTR Links 02/04/2015

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