Exploring Sports in the News

One thing that you can’t deny is that last night’s conclusion to the Super Bowl came as a surprise to everyone.  After the fabulous catch at the end of the game by Jermaine Kearse, I think that everyone watching the game just expected Marshawn Lynch to kick Beast Mode into overdrive and punch himself 1 yard or so into the end zone.  I was completely surprised when Seattle elected to throw a slant although, when you think about it, everyone wearing a Patriot’s uniform would be looking for the run too!  That surprise turned into disappointment with the interception.  The rest of the game was just a blur.  I do remember a hockey game breaking out.

Guess what was on the news this morning!  Flipping on WDIV for the morning news, and yep!  I wondered what the newspapers have to say.

Interesting.  How about the Media Centre of the world, New York City?

More great reads there.  This is fascinating.  Even though the authors were watching the same game, they all had different interpretations and perspective about what would make for a good story.  I wonder how it differs between Boston and Seattle?


Now, confession time…I knew the Detroit Newspapers and the New York ones.  I had no idea about the Washington ones.  I could have done an internet search but instead turned to the Newseum where the day’s front pages and links to the actual newspapers are always available.

Given my attention to the game last night, this opens a full day of reading for me!  I can’t help but think that it’s a great source of information for a Media Literacy challenge.  Take a couple of newspapers in each state and determine whether their reporting slant is pro-Patriots or pro-Seahawks or just neutral, reporting the news.  Wouldn’t that make for an interesting mapping activity?

And, lest you think all this hubbub missed Canada…

(although it had to follow the story about the winter storms)

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