Curating Groundhogs

So, what happens today?  Well, for most, it’s the first day of the second semester.  That means that all the students get off the bus and look to see if they can see their shadow.  If so, it’s only a long time until the summer holidays.  If not, it’s still a long time.  If #ONStorm holds true, some places may miss the opportunity.

This is an annual post.  Search for “Groundhog Day” and you’ll see reference to it in the past.  I have revised the collection to get rid of resources that have gone away and added new ones.  I’ve also moved the collection into a Flipboard collection if anyone’s interested.


Wiarton Willie will pop to see his shadow before sitting down in front of the tube.  Here’s a “Post from the Past” about Groundhog Day resources.

In case you missed it the first time around and are looking for Groundhog Day ideas….


It’s pretty hard to keep a secret on the internet when you’re transparent.  That came to bite me this morning.  I’ve been working on something and had a couple of people uncover what I was doing.  One actually tweeted about it.

So, I guess I’ll have to come clean with it.

One of the big events in primary classrooms is Groundhog Day.  All kinds of activities happen in classrooms and crafts, drawings, songs, science, etc. all make the day for the big event.  I’ve always maintained a list of resources for this day that I update.  This year, I thought that I would migrate the otherwise boring website to one of the online sites that I’ve been using to curate things.  But, which one?

I was just monkeying around when Tim happened to stumble on it.  He must have been looking at my Scoopit account and noticed that I had this work in progress.  It’s a collection of my resources for Groundhog Day – scooped.  But, I don’t think he’s seen the others!  I’ve also started to curate the same resources at Pinterest and LiveBinders.  I was looking for the best possible scenario.

This was one of the sites. I have the Scoopit bookmarklet stuck in my bookmarks bar and adding resources was just as easy as going to the page and bookmarking it.  Scoopit identifies images on the page as well as a short descriptor.  To use it, just click the title and you’re at the target site.  For this purpose, Scoopit did a nice job although one of the sites wouldn’t allow the bookmarklet to work.

LiveBinders takes a different approach.  Instead of giving you one of the catchy images on the target website, you get the entire website embedded in the binder.  The URL is presented at the top and a click leaves the LiveBinder and takes you to the actual website.  Since the actual website is embedded each time, everything that I wanted to include appears in the binder.

LiveBinders also has the advantage of the presentation mode so that you can visit the sites and not lose the curation page.  That’s handy if you are browsing your way through everything.


Just because it’s fun to access things with Flipboard!  While it’s possible to use Livebinders and Scoopit! on your portable device, there’s something really attractive about browsing while flipping.

Anyway, all three did a nice job of bringing them together into one spot.  Feel free now to use or share with anyone who might take advantage of the resource..

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