Media Literacy Monday

Could there be a bigger opportunity or lesson than the Monday after the Super Bowl to talk about advertising and Media Literacy?

Who could forget this classic advertisement from 1984?

We won’t know what the biggest impact or most popular commercial until later today but already some are available on YouTube.  From what I’ve seen so far, you’ve got to love this from Budweiser.  It’s the latest in a long series of heart warming commercials and, except for the logo recognition at the end, you wouldn’t necessarily know what product was behind the commercial.

Amazingly, there was a time when a media literacy lesson couldn’t be taught the day after Super Bowl.  You might have to record the commercials at home or wait for you media department to edit and distribute the commercials.  Now that YouTube is unblocked, the actual advertiser is making the commercials immediately available.  And well they should to get the bang for their buck.  I read today that the price is $4.5M for 30 seconds.

But, how do you actually plan for the lesson?

Frank Baker shares an excellent lesson plan just for times like this.

Deconstructing a TV Commercial: Media Literacy” is a terrific lesson for investigating any commercial.  He has a page devoted specifically to the Super Bowl here.

With these resources and, certainly, the tools that we have available in the classroom, this is one of those teaching moments not to be missed.

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