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Here’s a bit of the best that I read from Ontario Edubloggers this past week.

The Heart of Teaching: What It Means to be a Great Teacher

This is the sort of post that you need to bookmark and, when the going gets tough, you pull it out and read it.  Rusul Alrubail penned this post for Edutopia and I can’t think of a better description for why teachers teach.  Could there be no better reading assignment for a Faculty of Education student?


This is a required share with your staff.

Contribute to Big Ideas in Education

Calling all authors … Deborah McCallum would like to give you the opportunity to post to her blog, provided you haven’t posted your content elsewhere.


She lists a number of “Hot Topics” that would appeal to her and her readers.  I had to smile that GAFE is on the list but your submission must be in Microsoft Word format.

I think this is a great idea and would probably be of benefit for people who have something to say and don’t have their own blog to say it.  Even if you wanted to say something and would like to blog it on your new blog, it takes a while to get readership.  Deborah has that readership already.

Thinking of Moderating a Twitter Chat?

If you’ve ever wanted to host a Twitter chat, or were just curious as to what happens behind the scenes, it’s a good read.  You may never participate in a Twitter chat the same way again.  I know that I have a renewed appreciation for those who assume the leadership that it takes to make one happen after reading the post.

This Blog has been co-authored by Dawn Telfer and myself:

We have been co-moderating #fslchat – a chat for Core French and French Immersion teachers for just under a year.  We have learned a lot about leadership and running a chat and we wanted to share some of what we have learned (often through mistakes).

It’s always great to learn from those who have the experience.


Reflection is always a good thing.  In this post, Jon Orr celebrates 10 good things that happened to him in 2014.  In the dead of winter with semester 1 ending, EQAO on the horizon, and sun setting tonight at 5:36, it’s a nice activity.


I’ll bet everyone can come up with 10 good things (or more) that will help you through this time of the school year.

Staples School Tools – An Easy Fundraising Solution

Money for classroom supplies is always in great shortage.  Amy Bowker, in a sponsored post, talks about how she’s using a Staples promotion to customise packages for student purchase.  There is an opportunity for you to win a $50 gift card.


Rescued from R

This is another post that should be read and enjoyed by all.  All children need advocates and Diana Maliszewski describes a wonderful example from her school.  While it will be reflected in a better report card grade, it’s not the sort of this that would be explained to the parents.  I think that it’s just a great example of the magic that happens all the time and doesn’t get the recognition.


I’ll bet that we all have our own success stories that just don’t get shared in this way.

Thanks everyone for sharing such great thoughts.

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