How Geeky Are You?

So, just how geeky are you?

I’m a regular user of the How to Geek website.  I don’t like anything “out of the box” and like to customize everything that I use to try and get the most from my experiences.  (I have locked myself out of things in the past but I’ll just glance over that…)

I do like the fact that most technology isn’t just a black box.  You can configure it to your liking, change colours, add/remove features, add extensions, and the whole bit.  This is a great place to look for resources and inspiration.

It’s also a place for some trivia to see just how geeky you are.

Being wrong can be embarrassing.

Being consistently wrong can send one back for some remediation.  Hmmm.  Even here, my spell check is telling me that’s not a word.  

So, sit back and try out your geekish trivia here.  I’m wallowing around 40% so I shouldn’t be too tough to beat.

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  1. We’re close in numbers then but you’ve beat me. I can’t help but this this would be a fun research activity for students.


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