This is a bit off the beaten path for me but I’ll bet it will be of interest to @reed_man.

After all, he’s always asking…

He used to ask what music you were listening to first thing in the morning.  As a musician, he seems to be always interested in sounds.

It was natural that I thought of his Twitter messages when I read this article “Save Our Sounds“.  When I saw that it came from the United Kingdom, I’ll confess that my original thought was that it was an attempt to archive Beatles music!  But, it’s much more serious than that.

The site claims that they have about 15 years left to digitise the kingdom’s audio collection from the original media before they’re lost forever.  Upon reading that, I was really interested and started to dig around. I eventually landed in the Sound Directory where you can access many of the sounds.

A link on the website will point to various tools that you can use to listen to the content should you not have it installed already.  By itself, I learned of some new software that I didn’t know about.

Enjoy and poke around to get a sense of the completeness of the collection.  But, they want more.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the copyright of the collection.  The collection, as it happens, is also a collection of various elements of copyright.  Even if you’re not using the materials, the attention to copyright is well worth a classroom discussion about protection of rights.

The next step for me?  I’ve got to continue to explore to see if such an entity exists in Canada?  Any help out there?

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