Mashing Careers

I don’t think that you can have enough career information in your teaching toolkit!

What makes it particularly helpful is finding a Canadian / Ontario specific resource.  Look no further than CareerMash.

Just look at the partners involved….

This is a massive resource dedicated to the exploration of careers in technology.

Upon first landing, it was hard to decide just where to start.  There are drop down menus for education, educators, cool stuff…

I decided to take a quiz to see how accurate its predictions would be.

Hmmm.  OK, I’m hooked.  My ego is on overdrive.  What types of careers would be good for me?

Well, fortunately education was one of the results so my efforts weren’t wasted!  <grin>  Crime Solving and Tech sounds even more interesting…I know people who have become involved with digital forensics.  That would be really intriguing.

I’ll warn you up front.  This isn’t a one time use website.  Use it to discover post-secondary programs, careers, work with experts, and of course lesson plans for teachers.  There are all kinds of resources to address expectations around careers and education.  

One of the areas that I found riveting was the summary of technology courses for colleges and universities.  The time has never been better for students who have that type of inclination.  The biggest problem will be narrowing it down to what and where.

This is a fabulous resource.  Secondary school teachers, in particular, will find all kinds of immediate application for it.

Make sure you put aside an appropriate amount of time to decide not IF, but WHERE you’ll be using this.

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