Sketchnotes by Sylvia

A couple of weeks ago, I had talked about the genius of Sylvia Duckworth as she’s “on a tear” creating and sharing Sketchnotes from various activities with us.

I love her artistry and the story/message that’s behind her work.  I can’t wait for a new one to hit my Twitter feed to enjoy.

But it occurred to me – these are worth collecting.  So, like the carpenter who only has a hammer (Flipboard), everything starts to look like nails!  I went back through my timeline and put together a collection of Sylvia’s artwork.  It’s amazing to see them all in one spot and you can really see a maturity in her work as she gets better with each note.

If you’d like to enjoy her work, check out this Flipboard Document.  Click each of the Sketchnotes to see them full screen.

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