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Flipping Vicky Loras’ Blogging Challenge

Earlier this week, I had shared a story for Vicky Loras’ Blogging Challenge “What’s Your Story?”  One of the things that you have plenty of time to do while suffering from a cold is doing some reflection.

As I reflected on the extent of the content, the stories, and the global connections from her challenge, I really became with how impressive this young lady’s reach is.  I certainly couldn’t even begin to reach the number of educators that she has worldwide and then have them share their story.  So, I hopped over to her blog and posted a reply and then it came to me – her blogging challenge is actually in two parts now.  Wouldn’t it make sense to put them all together in one spot?  I thought of a number of ways to curate that sort of thing and thought that a Flipboard magazine would probably be the most interesting way.

So, I suggested that she do that.

During this morning’s dog walk, Jaimie pointed out that I’m quick to suggest work for others.  He also noted that his walk was a little short because I still was sick and suggested that I make my own Flipboard of her links.  Why not indeed?

After all, she’s done the heavy lifting organizing all this and wonderful educators from all over the planet have written their best.  It wouldn’t take long to flip them into a book.

So, I did!  There were some entries that were no longer available as well as Posterous which had hosted them.  I got a few of these:

but a retry got it in eventually.

In a way of paying back to this wonderful project, please enjoy this Flipboard magazine “What’s Your Story?



3 responses to “Flipping Vicky Loras’ Blogging Challenge”

  1. What a lovely, meaningful way to say “thank-you” for the joy that Vicki has given us is challenging people to tell their story. You inspired me to think about writing mine – it’s been a long, strange trip, but good to reflect on.


  2. Reblogged this on Vicky Loras's Blog and commented:
    I have said many times and I will keep on saying that when I first joined social media, I was not sure at all if it would work out for me. Almost six years later, I have not looked back.

    I have met amazing educators both online and in person, and I am greatly indebted to them for teaching me a lot of things and for their friendship, as I have forged super friendships!

    One of these people is the amazing Doug Peterson, who is a prolific blogger and edtech specialist. Doug and I connected on Twitter first and then Facebook, and we have shared lots of stories and he also lives in Ontario, where I was born – so one more thing to connect us : )

    I am very moved while writing this introduction, both because of his incessant kindness and wonderful words. Doug did something terrific for the blog challenge I started in 2011 with 27 educators who shared their stories…and more revived it at the end of last year and are keeping it going. He flipped them all into one place, and now it is a beautiful collection. We can still keep adding to it.

    What can I say, Doug, apart from THANK YOU and I truly hope with all my heart to meet you in person – let’s hope my plans to visit Canada next year come to fruition : )

    A huge thank you to Doug and to all the teachers contributing to and supporting this blog challenge – it belongs to all of us!


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