Year in Review

A popular online toy for movie creation is JibJab

It’s one of those quick and easy resources to create a quick and fun ditty to share with the family.  It might even be in the offing to try out that new computer under the tree later this week.  Select your setting from a number of different storyboard templates and then get ready to produce your epic.


From their site, the JibJab folks have created their own 2014 Year in Review they call “2014, You Are History”.

It’s actually kind of cute and funny to revisit some of the events of 2014.  If you’re like me, you’ll have played it a few times.  It’s one of those things that you see something new each time you visit it.

Is there an educational bent to it?  Actually, quite a bit when you take a look at the JibJab blog.

Here, you’ll find a break down of the movie and how it was made, scene by scene.


Click each of the scenes to get a descriptor of the logic, design, and message that goes behind each. 

It’s a real affirmation that movie making isn’t just grabbing a camera and hoping that magic happens.  A successful movie is the result of considerable thought and planning.  If you visit each of the links, you’ll learn so much about how the movie was put together.

Then, play it again one more time.  I’ll bet you find something new that you had previously missed.

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