Media Errors

This is not a professional blog.  It just takes a minute to read the first paragraph or so to realize that the author, moi, got 60% in Grade 13 English.

At the time, I hated writing.  Now, I actually enjoy it and try to write a post here once a day to try and get some sort of proficiency in the written language.  Some days are better than others!  The nice thing about the blog format is that you can experiment with different types of design and approaches to your writing.  I wish I’d had that option when in high school.  I hated writing essay after essay.  Later, as a teacher, I can’t even imagine sitting down and reading and then marking them.

I am a consumer of information.  Of that, there is no doubt.  This blog is, in part, my way of paying back.

But I digress.

As 2014 ends, a lot of folks are reflecting back on the year that was.  For bloggers, it means looking a high and low points.  An article I read yesterday had me focussing on the lows.

Without a doubt, the worst moment in my writing occurred last week when I wrote the following in the post “Learning While Not Shopping

How’s that for a nice shagging dog story?

Believe it or not, I do proofread the posts.  I guess I just don’t do a very good job at it.  Fortunately, I have a couple of folks who aren’t shy about dropping me a message indicating that I screwed up again.  Thanks, Lisa and Sheila.  In this case, apparently, Lisa waited until she stopped laughing and told me about the error which I quickly corrected (after a laugh of my own).

But, Lisa, my errors pale in comparison to the ones I know you’ll enjoy in this article.

The year in media errors and corrections 2014

While it didn’t make the #1 position, I found this one the funniest.


So sit back (without a mouthful of coffee) and enjoy the article. 

Interestingly enough, the article has a posting date and a revision date.  Could an error have been found? <grin>

Somehow after reading these, I feel my blog should get a Noble Loriet award for writing.

6 thoughts on “Media Errors

  1. I also hated writing as a students but really enjoy it now. For me it was largely about the process and when I started typing (even on a typewriter – remember them) it got more fun. They didn’t let us type in school though. Had to be handwritten and that killed it for me. Spell check has also been a big help. Of course that doesn’t help a lot when using the wrong world ah I mean word.


  2. You got it, Alfred. I remember learning how to type on an Underwood typewriter that had the letters removed to help us not look down. That Christmas, my dad’s credit union put in computers and he bought one of the typewriters that they had used so I could practice and get more proficient. I almost failed Typing term 1. It was the best gift I ever got. I learned to type proficiently and, when I wasn’t typing, the typewriter was heavy enough to use as a set of weights.


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  4. Andrew’s question is mine, too, unless it’s an on-purpose typo!

    Thanks for this, Doug. My husband and kids got a huge kick out of the original error and the ones you posted here.

    I, too, have found that the typing class I took in high school was a game-changer. I have always loved to write, but typing let me do it so much faster! My floor mates in uni paid me to proofread and type their essays, and being able to type at a reasonable speed has saved me economically more than once, as I took on temp agency postings to make ends meet. My own kids get frustrated when I insist on them working on keyboarding skills, but it made a huge difference for me.


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