How To Manage Free And Not Free Stuff

As is part of my early morning learning routine, I’m flipping through stories in my Zite news browser.  Yes, I know that Zite was acquired by Flipboard and I do flip my way through there as well but, at this point, Zite is like a set of comfortable shoes, nicely broken in and very comfortable.  I know that I’m living on borrowed time but I am enjoying it as long as I can.

I ran into three stories in a row.  In no particular order, they are:

 What’s disconcerting is that Zite customizes the news feed based upon your habits.  So, is the internet doing its spying on me and knows that I’m cheap?  Or, living on a budget?  Or, just trying everything in sight?  Or, I’m an Android user?  Or, I’m a Linux user?

So like the good old days of Kmart blue-light specials, I immediately open the articles and start reading.  There are some intriguing pieces of software there.  I’m interested in a piece of software that mirrors between a PC and an iPad.  Why?  I really don’t know since if I wasn’t so lazy I could just plug in this monitor that’s sitting behind my computer…

The range and variety of applications is exciting.  The computing geek in me wants to try them all.  

Herein lies the rub.

Where do I put them?  

On my computer, it’s not a problem.  I have a big hard drive with a huge amount of potential.  On the iPad, I keep it with about 1GB free thinking that apps might need a bit of elbow room to run.  In order to install anything new, I have to remove something.  Unfortunately, the “somethings” are there because I use them regularly.  I’d be at a loss to remove them.

It’s a real problem and something that I do struggle with.  I like the fact that many things are web-based so that local storage isn’t necessary.

And yet, there’s just something that rips at me to want to try new things.  Of course, I could solve the problem by just not reading stories like these…

Or, I’m sure that you have wise advice.  How do you handle this?

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