Early Morning Learners

#FollowFridays are always a bit of a social experiment with me.  

My interpretation of the concept started a long time ago in a discussion with a few friends.  We liked the worldly connections that Twitter affords us.  If you’re on Twitter for any length of time, you just naturally make the connections and expand your network.  The problem was, as we saw it, people were starting to take happenings in other educational jurisdictions as true for Ontario.

In reality, sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t.  As Twitter gained popularity, we thought that it would be helpful to try to promote Ontario connections.  #FollowFriday seemed to be a natural for this.  So – I started to do that.  

I’ve always been an early morning riser – it’s my time to do some reading and reflection before the world’s most entitled dog demands his morning constitutional.

I decided to carve out about 15 minutes or so of my morning reading to recognize some of the Ontario folks who populate my Twitter feeds with inspiration, stories, blog recommendations, connections, happenings, …  It’s now become a regular routine.

The social experiment part is to see what people do when their handle comes up.  Some favourite it, some send a message of thanks, and some do something really interesting.  I’ve mentioned it before, the message always starts with #FollowFriday – Active Ontario Educators – so there are lots of characters that can be shorted or dropped to fit within the 140 characters.

I always thought that I was the only person up and about during these dark hours.  It turns out there are a lot of us up at that time.  

Yesterday, for example, the following generated notifications beginning shortly after 5am …

  • avivaloca (she’s always first)
  • TammBush
  • jcorbinh
  • turnmeluce
  • spagsmario
  • MrOrr_Geek
  • ugdsb_missfitz
  • Jason_To
  • ColleenKR
  • mrpinizzotto
  • CGoure1
  • lowenESST
  • aljasngenieetoo
  • bgrasley
  • SharonHuxley
  • margotroi
  • MmeM27
  • GHarris01
  • HeatherTouzin
  • AlanaCallan
  • richfarm
  • mcguirp
  • DavidFifeVP

The list goes on and on.  If you want to see the entire list, check my timeline.

By retweeting, they’re extending the connections and then it gets extended again and again…  I’d love to see a visualization of it all.

It’s one of those things that never get old for me.  It’s humbling to think of the connections and the learning that I do every day thanks to the efforts of those who are generous enough to share online.

We live in an amazing time.  It’s a great time to be a learner and I like to think that I learn from some of the very best.

OTR Links 12/20/2014

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