Another Screenshot Utility

Earlier this week, I had blogged about BitPixels, a service that would take a screenshot of a webpage so that you could include it in whatever project you’re working on.  As often happens, the moment that I blog about something either someone suggests an alternative or I stumble into one.

This time, I stumbled…

…and fell into Page2Images.

It’s a very simple to use service.  Just provide a URL and it generates the image for you.  I sent it the URL to this blog and here’s the result.




The site very accurately captures the image and has all kinds of features, including support for mobile.

Individual images:



There are a various number of plans that range from free to a fee for extensive use of the service. 

One of the powerful things about being connected is knowing that there are always alternatives.  I’ve bookmarked this resource just for that purpose.

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