Historical Places in Canada

An image shared with me by a friend yesterday led me on a search.  It was of the “round house” in Seaforth, a community just east of Clinton where I worked for a few summers.

My search took me to HistoricPlaces.ca where I spent enough time to realize that this was definitely worth sharing on the blog.  In addition to this wonderful image, there were a number of others of the same building, a placement on a Google Map where you might find the building and a description of the historical significance of the building.  Finding the building is only the start.  The “Nearby Places” takes you on a virtual walking tour!

(Thanks, HistoricPlaces.ca)

The website is a collaboration of Federal, Provincial, and Territorial organizations and the image database is huge.

Of course, with Amherstburg so rich in history, I had to look around town.

I was intrigued by this image from the 1800’s.  It was interesting to see it side by side with an image of the church as it sits today.  I don’t think I knew that there was a cemetary at the rear of the church.  But, on my next walk around town, I’ll be checking it out.

The implications for classroom use are really obvious.  The fact that it’s a government site and, therefore, bilingual puts it over the top.

It’s time for you and your students to do some researching!

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