This Week in Ontario Edublogs

There has been quite a buzz on social media with respect to the Hour of Code initiative.  Here’s some comment from Ontario Edubloggers.

Hour of Code – PA Announcements

From David Hann, he had a series of morning announcements that students at his school read…


He apologizes for going “old school” as he says but I think it’s a terrific idea.  Instead of the ideas being isolated to his classroom, he shares the message with the entire school.

I think it’s a brilliant idea.  Did anyone else try this?

Maybe tuck it away as an idea for next year?

The Benefits of Teaching Kids to Code
The Hour of Code

From the SCDSB, an entire blog devoted to the Hour of Code.  The landing page features a couple of classic videos about coding including the Mitch Resnick TED talk.


Activities and assessment are provided for all divisions K-12 and is supported further online in a Google Community SCDSB Codes.  Marie Swift got hooked on Code Monkey!

Everybody should learn how to program!

Most of the focus of the Hour of Code has been at the elementary school level.  There’s nothing wrong with that but where do students who get interested and excited about coding go next?  Secondary school, of course.  Peter Beens’ ICS page is full of all kinds of ideas to support his ICS courses but the resources are great for anyone.


8D Science Coding the Particle Theory


And with those instructions, Brian Aspinall’s Grade 8 class were off to develop their own application.

You’ll have to visit the post to see his demo in action.

It was great to see so many different takes about the implementation of the Hour of Code.  If I didn’t stumble into your blog post, please leave a link below so that we can all enjoy it.

I hope you take a moment to visit these great blog posts and to check out the entire list of Ontario Edubloggers.  If your blog isn’t list there already, please use the form to add it and it will get added as soon as I see it.


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