Hard Candy Christmas

One of our very favourite movies, often seen this time of the year is “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas“.  Admittedly, it’s an oldie but certainly a classic starting Dolly Parton, Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, Jim Nabors and lots more.  My wife and I make a point of watching it when it’s available.

It’s a great movie.

One of the highlights though, as you might expect with Dolly Parton in the movie, is the music.  In particular, one of the best tracks from the movie is “Hard Candy Christmas”.  While we have purchased the sound track, not surprisingly, it’s all over YouTube.

Again, what’s not surprising is that many artists have covered the song, including one of my favourite artists Pauline Reese.

It’s also covered by Ru Paul!

In fact, there are all kinds of versions of the song here.

Tying Hard Candy Christmas into coding now….

There are a couple of ways to share this wonderful song.  One, of course, would be to share a link on a webpage, blog, or wiki.  It’s kind of a lame way to share with your friends though.  

It’s much more powerful to formally share the video as I did above.

The magic happens when you use the share button on the YouTube page under the video.

Guess what?  One of the sharing options is embed information!

Now, the understanding of the code behind the webpage, blog, or wiki becomes of great importance.  You need to be able to access the HTML code at just the right spot and insert your code.  The results are considerably different and more user friendly than just a page of links.  You can even have fun with the parameters to see if you can actually morph the video.

At this time of year, what better learning exercise than to create a blog entry of favourite Christmas songs, embedded in the page to demonstrate an application of coding.

Please share your thoughts here

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