Digital Advent Calendar

One of the highlights for my brother and me for the month of December were our Advent calendars.  We would get one from my aunt from overseas and, later on, from my mother.  It was with anxiety that we would look for and open the next little window.  Heaven help you if you opened a window a day early!

Where does this fit in the modern world?  It’s still exciting to get an Advent calendar.  They’re considerably easier to get these days – the local dollar store has them which makes it very handy.

In search of a digital solution?  For years, we’ve become accustomed to tracking Santa from the NORAD site on Christmas Eve.  Now, thanks to some great programming at Google, you can enjoy an online countdown to Christmas via the Santa Tracker.

Through the power of digital, you can’t open the next little window in advance of the date.  Well, you’d hate to never say never.

There are little tips beneath the days – Watch, Play, Learn…looks interesting.

If you like the Google resource empire, you’ll love it here.  In the best of Google Doodles and video (at least so far), there are some pretty impressive things to interact with.

But just don’t play within the calendar.  Move into the Village for another representation of the activities.

Today’s activity was a little shooter activity.  It was a great deal of fun waiting for the coffee to stop dripping!

And, what would a Google product be without a Chrome Browser Extension?

Or, an Android version? (Actually there are all kinds of Santa trackers in the Play Store)

PCWorld has a wonderful poem dedicated to the app here “Google Santa Tracker returns with gaming, puzzles, and learn-to-code goodies“.

But, check it out – download the extension – and enjoy.

p.s. there is a mute button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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