Will It Continue?

A week ago, we were in the middle of the #BIT14 conference.  Coming off a terrific workshop day, I was moving my poppy from one green shirt to another.  Lots of decisions to be made – my real wife suggested khaki pants with the shirt; my conference wife suggested black pants.  Why do I get myself into these things?

I had already done my morning reading and had replied to the multitudes of email that had come in over night.  I was sipping hotel room coffee which has to be among the worst there is.  I couldn’t wait to get to the convention centre, their good coffee, and the breakfast spread.

From a social media perspective, I had opened a column in Hootsuite to follow messages that were tagged with #BIT14.  There were all kinds of messages from people who had enjoyed their workshops and there were lots of people indicating that they were on the road to Niagara Falls.  It promised to be a great day.

As I scanned the column in Hootsuite, I noticed a lot of new Twitter users.  That was great and I was adding them to one of the two Twitter lists that I have for following Ontario Educators.  List 1List 2.  Hopefully, it will generate some new names for #FollowFriday.

I had also sent out this message…

It made sense to do it here.  Some of the best Ontario educational minds were in attendance and there were also some who were inspired to get started blogging by sharing their experiences and thoughts from the conference.

Then I started to wonder.

It’s a phenomenon that happens at every conference.  People see the value of social media and want to be part of it.  Accounts spring up; Twitter and Facebook messages abound; blogs get started.

And then?

Sometimes, it continues.  Sometimes, it doesn’t.  Sometimes, it goes into dormancy until the next PD event.

It’s easy to get swept up with things at a conference.  After all, there are so many new people, new topics, new things, new thinking.

Then, you return to reality.

But why should the enthusiasm stop?  There are great things that are happening in your reality all the time.  Why not share that with the world and continue the process of making connections that you started at the conference?  We all know that learning doesn’t stop – why should the sharing?

Endnote – I’m not dummy.  Khaki on Thursday, black on Friday.



  1. Sometimes it’s not the right time for people. They aren’t ready to share, or the realities of sharing via a blog or Twitter aren’t what they originally expected. When I look at the “early” Twitter feed of active users there are often a lot of false starts, often beginning with a conference as you say. Maybe we need to nurture and encourage active participation by reaching out later. Notice someone who started a blog and stopped? Comment on one of their posts. Twitter fizzled? Tweet an interesting link to them. Maybe they’ll re-engage, and maybe it’s not the right time still. Support, encouragement, and making it clear that their contributions are valuable should all help.

    Good choice with the pants. You’re a wise man.


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