The Talk at BIT#14

In just three days, the #BIT14 Conference came and went.  It was a great three days of learning and connecting with friends old and new.  Needless to say, it was extremely busy between the conference, the social events, putting out fires, …

Amidst all this, the teachers in the audience took time to share their thoughts to the world with the hashtag #bit14.  You’ll notice that I didn’t say Ontario Educators – we had registrants from all across the country – British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec.  Internationally, we had attendees from the United States and Hong Kong.  There was a delightful mix of folks!

I started to make a Storify document of the Twitter messages to capture the best of the best.

As I’m sure you can imagine, the complete listing would just be massive.  I’m impressed with the quality of the Twitter messages. If you want it all, do a Twitter Search.

For the conference attendee, I hope that it was a terrific learning experience.  I know that the conference committee did their very best to make for a memorable event.

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3 thoughts on “The Talk at BIT#14”

  1. It was a remarkable 3 days, and then Alana and I had our own mini-conference on the way home. One thing that Twitter provided for me this year was remarkable instant feedback on my Thursday workshop. I process my thinking in workshops by tweeting about it, and it was very powerful to see other sharing what they were learning from me in the same way. Thanks for all the hard work. Enjoy your walks today.


  2. I managed to stick my head into you workshops for a bit, Lisa. You looked like a natural, sharing your thoughts with the group. That’s awesome that you got such immediate feedback. We did enjoy our walks – somehow the Christmas lights appeared while I went away.


  3. Hi Doug

    What an amazing location for your conference!

    Curating content from conferences is very challenging. I’ve done it for several conferences. Have you considered using a Flipboard magazine? I like Storify for Twitter chats and brainstorming ideas while I find Flipboard magazines better for curating conferences. Here is the one I did for EduTECH National Congress & Expo



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