This Week in Ontario Edublogs

This is the big week for computer learning in the province of Ontario.  Since 1979, the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario has held an annual conference for learning.  This year’s event started Wednesday and continues through until today.  There’s already some great blogging about the event.

Questioning Forward

For today, George is an honorary Ontario Educator as our closing keynote speaker.  We’re really excited to hear his message and be motivated with his call to action.  George has been working with Ontario Educators in a number of forums over the past year.  Recently, he’s worked with the Trillium Lakelands DSB.  Read his observations about this experience in this post.

If you’re inspired by this post and happen to be in the neighbourhood, the conference will take in walk-in registrations!

Bring IT Together 2 (ECOO & OASBO-IT) – Day 1

I love it when people are inspired by their learning and head right to their keyboard to share their thoughts, learnings, and observations.

Rebecca Grimes reflects on the opening keynote Wednesday – a unique opportunity to hear from Brian Silverman and Artemis Papert – and her learning from the LEARNstyle learning events.

BIT 2014 Day One

Committee member Paul McGuire took in the Minds on Media event on Day 1.  He saw and commented on the success with the format in this blog post.

It looks like we might have another Minecraft junky on board!

But, I was particularly interest to see that he took in the Ubuntu session and is considering doing some upgrades at home.  I hope that goes well and that he extends it to his educational community.  Breathing great life into machines that are underpowered by the traditional operating system can go a long way to providing a home computer for every student.

I wonder if Paul knows that the Minds on Media team have actually taken their model to individual schools for a school learning event.

#BIT14, Day 1

A personal highlight for me yesterday was running into Colleen Rose a couple of times.  I’m a regular reader of her blog and she made the mistake once of posting that she does photography with her students.  That was enough to get me to invite her to be a leader in the Photowalk.  She was one of the leaders I walked with last year and I learned so much about taking pictures in the dark from her.  I’m looking forward to doing it again this year.  I hope the s* reports from the Buffalo news stations is just so much static.

Her learning for the day centred around the TVO Teach Ontario session.  Colleen provides some links to the resources but the neat part of her post is her posting of the photos from her day.  Look for the ugly guy who appears a couple of times.

Let it go #BIT

This is a bit of a timeshift – Danika Tipping is presenting about Strategies for the English Classroom and has put her slidedeck online.

So, it’s about 5am on Thursday as I write this post for a presentation that will happen later today.  I get the chance to enjoy her slide deck now.  When this post goes live tomorrow, the presentation will be over.  I look at it as a teaser and I hope to be able to sit in on her presentation.

It’s a shame that all Ontario Educators couldn’t join us in Niagara Falls but I guess some have to hold down the fort while others are out learning.  Thanks to the concept of the blog post, everyone can at least follow along with the events online.

Links are provided to the posts above and the entire list of Ontario Edubloggers can be accessed here.

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