Well, That Worked Well

As folks from Ontario know, Friday’s are pretty special for me.  I create a blog post to highlight some of the great blogging that I read from Ontario Edubloggers.  I hope that readers of this blog are inspired to go and support those folks.  I also spend a few minutes doing #FollowFriday shoutouts to Ontario Twitter users who have been active – usually Thursday afternoon and evenings.

Donna Fry wrote a kind blog post acknowledging this yesterday. “LEARNING FROM ONTARIO EDUCATORS

Doug’s #FollowFriday “Active Ontario Educators” posts on Twitter are the perfect starting place for new and old tweeters alike as we build our online PLNs in social media.

What I find very cool happens when folks retweet my message, thereby increasing the notifications.  It reinforces the notion that we’re connecting ourselves here in the province.

There was just one hitch for my regular routine yesterday.

I wasn’t going to be around to do the #FollowFridays as per normal.  But, I still wanted to make it happen.

So, I tried something new.

I was working away on things for the Bring IT, Together conference Thursday evening and had my twice daily Google Hangout with conference co-chair Cyndie Jacobs.  I’ll confess (hopefully she doesn’t read this post) that she didn’t have my entire attention.

Instead, I was giving something new (for me, at least) a shot.

I’ve been a long time fan of Hootsuite as a way to monitor my followers and my lists on Twitter.  There was one feature that I’ve never used before – that being scheduled Twitter messages.  There was no better time to try it out.

So, I did.

It was a snap.  It was simply a matter of composing the Twitter message like I normally would.

Then, clicking the calendar icon revealed a calendar and a time picker.  To do the deed, I just picked tomorrow at 5am so that they would appear like they regularly would.

And, it worked very nicely.  The Twitter messages got sent out just like normal.  As I review them now, there’s really no indication that there was anything different about the sending of them.  I like that.  Very much.

Now, there are other tools like Buffer that can allow you to do the same thing but I like the fact that it was just an option in my regular browser routine.  For me, this is a keeper if I ever need to do it again.  For a long time, I’ve been scheduling blog posts to appear at 5am and that allows me the flexibility of writing them when the mood hits.  Now, I can do the same with Twitter.

The only bit of angst was in the composition of the messages and NOT selecting the scheduling option.  We wouldn’t want them to appear Thursday night now, would we?



  1. I like that same scheduling option in TweetDeck, too. I don’t use it a lot, but it also works perfectly and invisibly.
    I did make a mistake once when scheduling a lunchtime tweet: I clicked the wrong half of the day. Not too many folks still active at 11:30 *PM*!


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