A Banner for Your Classroom

I love quotations.

Used properly, they really convey a strong message and tug on my emotionally.

I drove back home from north of Toronto today and, on the 401, you drive and focus on the traffic.  As I’m scanning the road, I catch a transport truck going in the opposite direction.  My eyes picked up on a message painted on the side of the trailer.  By the time the message had clicked in, the truck had passed so I can’t tell you the transport line.  Sorry.  But the message that I saw could be plastered all over classrooms for motivation.

If you do like quotations as much as I do, let me give a plug for my friend Paul’s blog.  Every day, he shares a number of quotations on a particular theme.  You never know what the theme is but, as a retired English teacher, he really knows his stuff.

Back to the truck and its quotation…here it is…

“Our Best is the Least We Can Do”

Wouldn’t those be great words for anyone to live by?  Wouldn’t that be wonderful banner for a classroom banner?

What other inspirational words/quotations work for you?


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