A Roadmap for Special Education

As anyone in the classroom will tell you, devising a plan for success for all students is one of the challenges of teaching.  You want everyone to be successful.

The complex world of planning and individualization gets even more complex with students with special needs.  I was always so appreciative of the resources and the people that could guide me along.

Two parents from Ottawa have created a School Roadmap that attempts to map the flow and identify all of the players and supports.

Education Law, policies and regulations are overwhelming. There is simply too much to know and parents (especially parents of children with special needs) do not always have the time to devote to understanding and researching.  We have taken the time to research and pick out the most important things parents need to know to navigate the educational system in Ontario.

Of real help is identifying the acronyms involved.  Education loves its acronyms.  IEP, IPRC, EQAO and where they fit into the big scheme of things for students with special needs are identified.

The Roadmap is a four page PDF file with links and hot spots to take you away from the Roadmap to the appropriate spot on the web.

As you can imagine, this isn’t a quick activity so be prepared to spend some time working your way through things.  Parents of students with special needs may find the map helpful; teachers may find at least parts of the complex system understandable.

The direct link to the PDF document is here.


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