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I think, like any blogger, once I wrote my first post I wanted to find the best/easiest/expedient way to create a post.  If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’ve tried Qumana, Scribefire, Ommwriter, Evernote, Google Writer, Blogilo, and probably others.  There isn’t a bad tool in the bunch for posting to this WordPress blog.

In addition to all of the above and probably others, I also use the editor that comes with WordPress.  The concepts are pretty much the same – do you writing, add pictures, add links, embed stuff, schedule and post.  My needs are simple.

I just want it all.

But more than that, I regularly get people asking for advice about how to start and maintain their own blog.  At that point, the rules of the game change just a bit.  They may not need it all at the moment, but if they’re successful and happy with their blogging experience, they’re going to want it all too.  It doesn’t make sense to give them a “starter editor”, knowing that they will eventually hit the wall and require something more full-featured.  Even if the message is “I just need to get started”, successful bloggers will eventually want more.

For those folks, I will pass on the third part utility and go right to the WordPress editor.  It’s got it all and all that you need is to be connected to the Internet and away you go.

Recently, even WordPress has given us alternatives.  The editor has always been good, and inclusive, but it does require a great deal of scrolling.

So, I was hooked when WordPress invited me to switch to the improved posting experience, I just had to give it a shot.

Yesterday’s WordPress looked like this…


and now looks like this!

Wordpress2The presentation is indeed tidier and scrolling isn’t really necessary when you first get started.

The editing environment still gives you all of the powerful thinks that keeps people coming back to WordPress.

I think it will be the default editor for me for the next while.  Who knows?  It may become my one and only.


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  1. Hi, I am student in university of south Alabama.I like the way you are used to assist your student to do first blog easy and best .thank you


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