A Python Visualizer

Thanks to the ACSE discussion list, I stumbled onto this beauty.  Python is the choice of programming language for a lot of secondary schools.  This visualizer can go a long way to help the cause.

Gone are the days of tracing a program on the blackboard!

Enter the code of the program you wish to test…in the screen capture above, I’ve taken the example given from the site.  When you’re ready to go, click on “Visualize Execution”.

The screen clears to reveal two panels.  On the left is your original code and, on the right, the results from executing the code. 

Now you have the option to step through your code.  The line being executed gets pointed to in the level panel and the results appear on the right.  I had to smile – I think of the awful looking presentation that I used to create by myself.  This is nice, neat, and very readable.

So, you can step through the program, step backwards, and really visualize what’s happening with any program.  Very nicely done!

Thanks, ACSE mailing list for sharing this.


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