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I had someone ask me why this blog post every week and also, why on Friday?

Two questions, and there’s not a scientific reason for them.  I do this post to help direct people to the blogs of great Ontario Education Bloggers.  Sometimes, your voice can just get lost so this is my attempt to help shout it out.  Secondly, why Friday?  I suppose that it could be any day of the week – it just made sense to me to do it on Friday since it complements the #FollowFriday or #FF shoutouts that people give.  Nothing more or nothing less.  It’s not earth shattering; it’s just something that I decided to do.

Here’s some of what I enjoyed reading this past week.

Queen: Youth wasted on the young – really?

OK, how timely was this post from Michael Redfearn?


I spent some time alone this week and played my way through some of my vinyl album collection.  And, I did play some Queen.  And, yes, one of the albums was “A Night at the Opera”.

Michael’s post deals with his thoughts from a recent concert in Toronto.  It’s difficult to think of Queen without Freddie Mercury but it sounds like the new Queen works.

I wonder if they’ll be playing locally?

Huron Skill Gap

A while back, Robert Hunking blogged questioning his blogging future.  Thankfully, he did not give it up.

In a recent post, he touches on an area of importance to many communities – a shortage of skilled trades.


Having grown up in Huron County, I read his post with interest.  Later, having worked two doors down from the Technology Consultant, I know how much effort goes into making that particular pathway important.  There are valuable life skills that  come from that discipline.  Robert points out that it’s awareness of guidance counsellors, teachers, etc. to make enrollment in these courses desirable and suitable for students.  I think it needs to go further though.  Parent need to know the importance.  Partnerships with post-secondary institutions need to be on board.  Money is required to make the facilities contemporary so that skills learned are modern and not left over from years old mentality.  At the CSTA Conference, when we toured the Universal Technical Institute, the message was clear and repeated numerous times.   They want Computer Science students in their programs.  Take a look at any modern car or walk into any modern plant and you’ll see that form of technology everywhere.  This type of thinking is required.  Are our schools prepared for it?

A Lesson from Baseball

Think about this…


Kristi Keery Bishop did.

While watching a baseball game, she made a comparison to the classroom.  It certainly is a good analogy for teacher to student, or administrator to staff.  Can the message stick for the school year?

When you think about it, it really is a nice parallel.  Except for the salaries of course…

Bending People to the Data

Tim King finishes his blog post with this bit of advice.


The rest of the post deals with data in our world, and of course, Tim takes it to education and makes some interesting points.

Give his post a read and see if it doesn’t give you some ammunition the next time someone wants to talk “data” with you….

What a great collection of posts.  Thanks to all the bloggers.  I hope that you can take a few moments to check them out.

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