Need Inspiration?

How many times have you, or your students, sat down to blog and drawn a blank when it comes to ideas?

OK, not you because you’re constantly reading and updating your interests so it’s not a problem.  But, for others?

If that’s the case, you might want to check out HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator.  It’s dead simple to use.

Send it three nouns and let it generate some ideas for you.  I decided to kick the tires with some local municipalities….

So, sock it to me.  What are some ideas worth of blogging?

You might not hit a home run every time but there might be some inspiration.  I actually could see writing about the first four.  I’m not sure what “The Amherstburg Industry” is.  However, I could see taking the idea and changing that to “Grade 5 Mathematics”.

I wonder if this is where those blog posts of lists come from?  <grin>

Anyway, I know you’ll want to try it at least once.  The Blog Topic Generator is located here.

Did it work for you?


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