I spend the first part of my mornings reading.  Many of you know that.  I’ve always done that; it’s my way to slow down the ever widening gap between me and technology advances.  I’ve always done that, using various tools.

My favourite now for early morning reading – as you probably know – is Zite.  My reading flow is to configure Zite with the types of stories that interest me and then let it go and find things for me.  If I think the stories will serve a purpose for me later on, I’ll send them to Twitter where grabs them and sends them to my Diigo account so that I don’t lose track of them. 

Like this….

Along the way, if any of my Twitter followers are intrigued, they can read the articles as well.  It kills a couple of birds with one stone.   Later, when the household is awake, I’ll use TheNeeds, Feedly, and a few other news gatherers on my computer to extend my reading.  Zite is handy since it’s on the iPad and I can read and drink coffee at the same time.

This morning, I almost spit up a mouthful on the screen!

There’s a real advantage to reading stories on the computer with a web browser.  One of the most useful things is configuring the browser to block popup windows.  Zite doesn’t do that and, periodically, I’ll get one pop up and then scramble around the screen to see if I can close it to get to my reading.  This morning, I got a new twist on that.  I’m reading along, enjoying the serendipity of newly found articles when I hit one that immediately throws this at me.

Now that is weird. 

If I read an article, I’ll often comment, Like, Tweet, Share, +1 the article.  It’s the right thing to do to respect the work and effort that the author put into the article.  In this case, I have to do that BEFORE I read the article?  I don’t think so.

I don’t know if I’m in the minority but a little mental math shows that quite a few did, presumably not because they liked the article but because they had to in order to read it. 

Sorry, but to me, that’s backwards and I don’t want to play.  Fortunately, Zite allows me to give it a “thumbs down” so that I don’t get stories like that again.  I really hate to do this because it might have been the greatest article ever with lots of research and applicability to Ontario education.  Or, it could be link bait to who knows what?

It just didn’t seem to be worth the risk.

Author: dougpete

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3 thoughts on “Backwards”

  1. That’s just ridiculous! I’d have “thumb downed” it, too. This just seems to me like some kind of social media blackmail or something. Share it so you can read it? No way.


    1. Exactly my thought, Philip. I will admit; I’ve never seen this approach before. Sure, we have popups all the time but there’s generally a way to close them and move on.


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