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Yesterday, I read this article from The Next Web “What type of sharer are you? Understanding your social media personality“.  It was pretty deep; I never have really thought that deeply about it.  Personally, I always thought that I was using social media to grow professionally by writing, reading and sharing, and learning from the wisdom of others.

Perhaps it was getting involved with computers so early in life but I’ve always had the healthy understanding that I can never stay on top of things.  It brings a smile when I read the profiles of others who self-classify themselves as “experts”.  They’re far more dedicated and educated than me. 

I have a reading/learning routine and all that I need to do is spend a bit of time working at it daily.  In the article, they make reference to a University of Winchester study that identifies 12 social personality types.  (Along with an interesting infographic)  I can see pieces of myself in most of the profiles!

I did read the article through a few times to really digest it.  I did find it fascinating and could see the descriptors fitting many of the folks that I interact with online.

The article includes a link to a survey that lets you respond to a number of scenarios and then summarizes your social personality.

It was fun.  I took it and totally agreed with the results.  I took it again, got different results and totally agreed with the new results.  As I wondered why, I took a step back from the survey and realized that I wasn’t consistent across the platforms that I use regularly.  I use Twitter differently than I use Facebook which is different from how I use Google +.  Is it sophisticated in the types of audience or can I just not get my act together?

I know the answer that I’d like to think best describes things.  Regardless, it is interesting and I found the original article and survey pretty insightful.  Give it a read and a try.  The results will get you thinking.

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