Google’s Smarty Pins

OK, so if you have all the information in the world and all the maps in the world, what more could you do it with beyond driving instructions and all the things that we’ve come to expect from Google Maps?

Why make a trivia game from it.

That’s what’s Google has done with the latest release – Smarty Pins.


Start with a pot pourri of topics or choose from a category…


… and you’re good to know, er, go.

You know how much I enjoy mapping so you can only imagine how much time I wasted, er, invested with this thing.


You’re given a clue and about 1,600 km allowance for being close.  Decode the clue and drop the pin on the spot you’ve understood from the clue.  Seems simple enough, right?  Did I mention that there’s a countdown timer, just to make it interesting?

As with any trivia game, some clues are easy and some are a bit of a challenge.  If you’re ready to forgo your bonus, you can ask for another clue.

I found it taxing my levels of trivia understanding.  As I mentioned above, some were easy and some, well, I just didn’t have a clue.  Even after getting the extra clue.

Through brutal force and a need to find out what happens when you actually win a game, I eventually succeeded.


I am under no illusion that I’ve mastered this.  It’s well bookmarked and sure to be a source of entertainment for a long time to come.

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