Unexpected Blogging Benefits

One of the categories in my Zite reading list is “Blogging”.

The stories that get gathered typically talk about how to make money blogging but every now and again, there is an article that helps with my own reflection for doing what I’m doing here.  I need to be very clear here – I don’t make money doing “Off the Record”, it’s just a hobby that lets me write to share whatever thoughts that I might have at any particular time.

I’m probably not consistent.  If you were to do a fact check, I may contradict myself and do a complete 180 from a post that I had written previously.  I like to think of that as refining my learning and thoughts.

Given all this, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I’d spend some time reading this post – “5 Unexpected Benefits That Happen Naturally When You Blog Frequently“.

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From the article, I’ve distilled the 5 benefits and commented on each.

Your creativity will go into overdrive.

I never really thought about this.  I guess that it is true.  Without creativity, one could only imagine that you’d be blogging about the same thing over and over.  So, creative it is.

You will become a master of time management.

There’s no question about this.  A typical post can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon its complexity.  I’ve mentioned it many times, I find that I’m often thinking about a blog post while walking the dog.  He’s very patient and really enjoys it when it takes a long time to put things together.  It means for longer walks for him; but when we get home, it allows me to just sit down and write!

You will become more relevant, noticed and trusted on your social media sites.

I do agree with the concept of being noticed.  One of the things that eventually came to me was a willingness to go with the flow.  I was frustrated at one point that a blog post didn’t generate replies on the blog itself.  It was only by stepping back and seeing that folks were commenting on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, retweeting, sharing, +1ing.  By actually following references to the blog on Twitter, I could see that people were sharing it with others.  “Notice” can mean more than what you think.

You will inadvertently start a business, which you probably didn’t intend to do.

This hasn’t happened yet.  Any ideas about how to make Doug rich?  <grin>

You will help your SEO, even if you don’t understand how SEO works.

This wasn’t something that I thought about but it does make a great deal of sense.  There was a time, in the beginning, when I couldn’t find my blog at all when doing a Google search.  Now, it’s easy.  What’s ultimately cool (or stupid when you think about it) is to do research about a topic and get a hit that points back to my blog because I’ve already written about it.


I think I’d like to add a bonus point

You will try different writing styles.

There are many blogs that I read that are so predictable in format and style.  They start the same, build the content in the same way, post after post, throw in a gratuitous piece of clipart and call it a post.  In fact, there’s at least one blog that I read that evaluates software on a daily basis.  It’s quite obvious that the author often doesn’t even run the software – just writes a post talking about how great it is.  One of the things that I do and can assure you that I do, is install and give any piece of software a fair shakedown before blogging about it.

I try different layouts, approaches to writing, and even try to use my own sense of humour when writing.  You’ll be the judge as to the effectiveness of the approach.  I just can’t imagine writing the same stuff, the same way, every day.  It comes as no surprise to me – when I install a piece of software, I’ll deliberately NOT install any templates that come with it if I can.  I like to figure out stuff by myself.

That was an interesting collection of thoughts about frequent blogging.  Could you see that happening for yourself?  Would the benefits be there for your students?  Think of blogs that you read regularly.  Does this apply there?

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