Sidebar Cleanup

After my observations and score yesterday, I decided to start to clean up the layout of this blog.


In particular, I looked at the widgets that I had in the side bar.
Remember that I mused that they shouldn’t be longer than a post?
So, here’s a first run at cleaning things up and my rationale behind removing each.
This was some advertising for the Bring IT Together Conference from last year.  It’s over and is just dead wood on the blog so it’s gone.  The idea was to post it so that people would know who was presenting at the conference, where, and when.  It served its purpose.  There’s a badge for #BIT14 and I’ll leave it there.  (for now)
This widget allowed you to find a month from the past and zip to the posts.  It really is redundant since just above it you’ll find a calendar search.  So, it’s toast.
Nobody but me would ever use the Admin panel so what’s the point?  I’ll just bookmark to the WordPress login page and take it from there.
This is one of those vanity dealies.  You probably don’t care (and shouldn’t) how many readers visit here.  What’s more important is that YOU are here and for that I am thankful.
This was actually a mistake that I made in configuration and never cleaned it up.  It was an easy one to delete.
So, the sidebar is quite a bit shorter without the above widgets.  In my mind, I can give reasons for keeping the rest.  Quite frankly, they’re more for my use than anything else.
What do you think?  Is there more housekeeping to be done?  Or, should I not delete any of the above?

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