We All Win

It was just this week that the big Apple WWDC event took place in San Francisco.  As could be predicted, the tech news and educational news forums were just full of commentary and thoughts about the announcements.  I always like to follow what’s happening to find out which of my Apple products are now obsolete and what new will be for sale to replace them.

Fortunately for my bank account, there was no new “got to have” hardware announced.  Speculation in advance was about the iWatch and it didn’t materialize.  That was a relief; I haven’t worn a watch in years and really didn’t want to start now.

The Apple fans were out in force with posts like this “What Apple presented on WWDC 2014 was more impressive than any new hardware, it puts Android back to the Stone Age“.  Not to be outdone, there were responses talking about the Android universe “5 iOS 8 features Apple obviously borrowed from Android“.

There were also comments salivating about the mesh networking, overlooking the fact that is was actually part of iOS 7.  “What is mesh networking, and why Apple’s adoption in iOS 7 could change the world“.  But, if you live under the cone of silence, you didn’t know that the concept was a crucial part of the One Laptop Per Child program.

And then, there’s the cloud.  Apple is going to make this a “game changer”, completely blowing Dropbox and Google Drive out of the water!  An interesting comparison can be found here. “Android vs. The iPhone: It’s All About The Cloud“.

From my reading, it’s interesting to note that Blackberry and Windows Phone were not even in the discussion.  But, Bing was. “Bing is the default search engine for OS X 10.10“.  

I think it’s very important to step back from all of the hype and look at what’s really happening.  We’re connected in extremely good times.  Apple has big events and drops off a ton of new features to their products.  Other platforms add features regularly without the big splash.  Which way is better?  I guess it is all about your perspective.  I just don’t buy into one resource to shape my thoughts.

The bottom line, though, is that we’re the big winners in all of this.  One platform will jump ahead with new features and ideas but innovation quickly catches up and passes.

In the meantime, we all win with better products no matter what platform we’ve chosen.  And, that’s the best part.



  1. “…was a crucial part of the One Laptop Per Child program.”

    For a large part of the population innovation doesn’t exist until Apple implements it and then claim it was all done by Appe and earlier implementations are intellectual property theft.


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