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Twitter Clients

Daily, I like to step back and look at the wisdom of the folks that I follow here on Twitter.  This morning, I was curious to know if my Twitter habits could be improved.

My Twitter client of choice, at present, is Hootsuite for desktop and Android and Twittelator for iPad.   I guess the number one reason is that runs in a browser so it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, it’s open in a tab.  In fact, it’s one of the default tabs on all my browsers.  

Twittelator is the go-to on my iPad.  It’s been a long-time friend there.

Just to confirm that there’s not something better, I took a look at what the folks I follow are using to get their message out.  Fortunately, Hootsuite makes it so easy since it lets you know what tool others are using.  

Looking around, I find my timeline filled with messages posted from the following:

  • Buffer
  • Twitter Ads
  • Hootsuite
  • Twuffer
  • Tweetbutton
  • Flipboard
  • Tweetdeck
  • Twitter for iPhone
  • iOS
  • Twitter for Windows
  • Twitter for iPad
  • Triberr
  • Twitter for Android
  • Sharedby
  • Dropbox
  • SocialFlow
  • Foursquare
  • Web
  • Twitter for Mac
  • Twitter for iOS
  • Tweetbot
  • Bitly
  • Twitter for Blackberry
  • Twitter for Windows Phone
  • Instagram
  • and then I got tired of looking…

Clearly, there is no consensus as to what folks are using.  Some share their thoughts and learnings from a Twitter client and others will just click on a link to share when they get to a resource.

The bottom line is that I see no compelling reason to change any of my habits.  The process did give me a renewed appreciation for those who share their learnings and their thoughts on a regular basis.  Together, we all become that much more informed and, potentially, that much smarter.

What more could you ask for?  It may be a confusing start for those just getting started but the results are worth it.


6 responses to “Twitter Clients”

  1. I’m happy with the TweetDeck Chrome app on my computer and the Twitter app for my phone and iPad. TweetDeck runs too slowly on my iPad, but maybe I’ll try Twittelator….


  2. I first got Twittelator after reading a review a couple of years ago which identified it as one of the best applications around. It only took one or two uses and I bought the commercial version and it’s been a staple ever since. It doesn’t do all of the activity mentions that the Twitter app does but I kind of appreciate cutting out that noise and just notifying me of the things that I really care about.


  3. On web, one used to be able to easily see what client people were tweeting from – it appeared right on the tweet. That was discontinued during some change in format recently. I continue to make do with web and phone app. That is quite the list you gathered! Maybe one day I will peek through a “window” more closely of what others use.


  4. I use the native Twitter app on both my iPhone and my iPad now, but I’ve used Twittelator before and liked it. I stopped using it when they upgraded the app and required me to pay for premium service again. Now, I use Buffer for most of my sharing mainly because I do my reading in fits and starts and it spreads out the postings. I prefer Tweetdeck for Twitter conversations when on my laptop and Tweetchat for chats, but I have been engaging in those less and less.


  5. I prefer the Tweetdeck app on my desktop rather than using the browser version. Probably more to do with the number of monitors and browsers I have running 🙂

    Whereas I use the Twitter apps on my tablets and smartphone.

    However, I would encourage you to consider including Flipboard into your work flow if a lot of your reading is done on tablets and smartphones. I use the Twitter apps and Flipboard for very different purposes; combined they are more powerful and time effective than just using a Twitter client.


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