Close Your Eyes

You probably don’t want to see this!

Hasso-Plattner-Institut maintains a big database.

HPI-VDB portal is the result of research work conducted by IT-Security Engineering Team at HPI. It is a comprehensive and up-to-date repository which contains a large number of known vulnerabilities of Software.

This is one scary collection of data.  You just may change your mind about how safe you feel about your computer and your favourite piece of software.  

Pick a piece of software, any software.  

You may never feel safe again!

Once you get past the paranoia, it actually is fascinating reading if you enjoy that sort of thing.  For me, fortunately, I like reading that stuff.  

For most people, there’s sort of a sigh of relief when your favourite software updates itself with bug-fixes.  Maybe this last update will have them all swatted?

All the same, it’s still just a little more than freaky to see the sheer volume stored in this database.

It might be a good time to turn your computer off right now and go outside for a walk.

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