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A Fifth Anniversary

I’ve always liked a good puzzle.  For me, it’s got to be:

  • challenging;
  • obtainable;
  • full of logic;
  • makes me visualize and think forward a few steps.

I don’t think these are “unique to me” attributes.  You probably feel the same.

This morning, I noticed that there were a few updates available and one was to one of my favourite little puzzle applications, Unblock Me Free.  (Android, iOS)

Now, updates are just part of our everyday world but this was a bit different – it was the app’s 5th anniversary.


Unblock Me and I have been through a lot together.  It’s my go-to time killer when waiting for a doctor, dentist, lawyer, dog park outing, … and just about anywhere I’m sitting, waiting and need a momentary mental jog or diversion.  My first installation goes way back to an iPod Touch where it still resides today.  Of course, there are also iPad and Android installations.  It was the iPad installation that really caught my eye with a special 5th year anniversary theme.

2014-05-21 07.39.54

The theme changed the blocks that I’ve used for so long to a metallic looking, 3D effect.  It was very pleasing to look at.  Looking at the low score on the iPad made be realize that the home for me for this application was truly mobile, away from home.  But that’s OK.  Each person has his/her own preferences.

I also marvelled at the application itself.  I’m sure that I had a game similar to it as a child although I’d be hard pressed to tell you the name.  The app itself doesn’t seem to require an update all that often.  Over the course of five years and how many OS upgrades, I think that’s pretty impressive.  It just works.

Congratulations to the authors – five years in a digital world is very impressive.  I’ve still got a long way to go before I can claim to master the ~14,000 levels.  I hope that you’re still puzzling me another five years from now.


2 responses to “A Fifth Anniversary”

  1. Going to get this one, as it fits with my direction words activities in French. Spelling check on the title, please, and I think it should be “were” a few updates, as opposed to “was”. Thanks for the point!


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