A Feature I’m Not Likely To Use

There has been a great deal made about Twitter’s addition of the “Mute” function.  It’s available via Twitter’s web interface, iOS and Android applications.  So, if I want to mute my friend Aviva, I could just access the … menu and select Mute and I no longer have to hear from her.


When I heard about this feature, I really struggled with why anyone would want to use it.  I follow people because I enjoy their sharing.  If someone upsets or insults me, I just unfollow them.  Maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough to think that there are other ways of interacting without listening.

The Guardian lists “13 reasons to mute people on Twitter“.  I don’t see any reason in that list that would apply to me.  Like I say, upset me and you’re toast.  It’s pretty much black and white for me.

In reality, the function doesn’t actually apply to me anyway.  I don’t use the Twitter interface.  Instead, I use Hootsuite or Twittelator and neither of these products supports the mute feature.

Now, I know that there are probably good reasons to mute me!  I do a great deal of sharing through my timeline.  My actions might be interpreted as noisy or spammy.  If it is, go ahead and unfollow me.  I won’t know; I won’t really care.

As for me, unless someone comes up with a good reason or strategy that makes sense, I won’t be muting anybody.  I value their thoughts and comments.  That’s why I followed them in the first case.

If I’m missing something, please let me know.  I’m usually the last person to figure stuff out anyway.


One thought on “A Feature I’m Not Likely To Use

  1. Hi Doug,
    I posted some thoughts and a link I found about “muting” as well. I didn’t see the link you provided before, but it might help my related follow up post. The Guardian post does make some good points that do reflect how complicated the interactions/connections on Twitter can be. I have heard teens talk about blocking posts of “Friends” on Facebook, but keeping them as “Friends” still. I have also heard that their friends in real life can tweet with a different (if not bothersome) “persona”, so it can be tricky in that regard. So maybe, as odd as it seems, there is still a “positive” use for the mute button. I wonder if different age groups will embrace it various ways.

    Thanks for your thoughts and personal approach and take on it.


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