All That Google Has To Offer

Think Google is all about Search?  Or perhaps email?  Maybe Maps?

For a long time, @pbeens has been curating a list he calls Google A-Z.  I have it bookmarked so that I can link directly to various services.  The ones I use daily are promoted to separate bookmarks on their own and Gmail and Google + are always an open tab in my browser.  But, sometimes, you just need to dig deeper to find a desired service.  His collection is all linked to where you might want to go and is extremely helpful.

It’s very helpful if you know what it is you’re looking for by name.  Head to the first letter or do a search within the document and you’re there.

This week, I found another resource that tries to document the Google.  It’s the same great end results but adds a different twist.  It allows you to mouse over and search by concept – Search, Communication & Publishing, Advertising, Development, Map-Related, Statistics.

So, for example, if I want to see things that are related to “Search”, I mouse over the Search Tools and see what gets highlighted.  Then, it’s a mouseover to the specific type of search and, voila, I’m there.

Until now, I used Peter’s list exclusively.  Now, I’ve got them both bookmarked for quick access the moment I need it.  Both, I can see, will end up being wonderful launch pads to all things Google.

Of course, I could always do a Google Search….

5 thoughts on “All That Google Has To Offer

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