Second #BIT14 Twitter Chat

The second #BIT14 Twitter Chat was held this past week.  Sadly, we had company over and I was not able to attend.  I even got this bit of encouragement from the moderator of the chat, @mcguirp.

It seemed like a small request but you had to be here.

Fortunately, Paul did create a Storify of the session so that, even though I couldn’t attend live, I could relive the spirit of the chat afterwards.

The link to the chat is here.

The topic was about effective teacher professional development.  This is a topic that I’m very passionate about and I really feel badly that I missed it.  Upon reading the Storify document, however, it was great to see the ideas and the new names/faces involved with the chat.

I hope that the conversations continue as richly as they have been as we move closer to the conference.  The conference committee is monitoring all of the discussions with the hashtag #bit14 and will take the advice to make Bring IT, Together the best possible for ECOO and OASBO-ICT members.

Even if you weren’t able to attend the chat live, please take some time to review the discussion and look for the next one.  Let’s engage as many educators as possible to make our learning together so powerful.

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