I Needs to Read

My mornings always start with sitting down and checking out the latest information.  I guess I’m just a news junky.

I do have my share of standard places to go to get (almost) predictable content.  These are fed via RSS and the Livebinder for Ontario Educators.  But I enjoy reading that takes me other places as well.  I like the unpredictable.  I find that it pushes me and stretches the imagination about what’s possible.

To feed this need, I have a number of reading applications that all do the information gathering differently.

Into the mix, I have been experimenting with TheNeeds.  Currently available on the web and on iOS as an iPhone app, it uses its own algorithm for finding what I want to read.

The diagram here shows how your “Interest DNA” determines what sort of stories are served up for you.

The results provide for an interesting addition to my morning routine.  I’m not a real fan of iPhone apps on the iPad so I tend to do my reading from their website.  There’s a promise of an Android application later this year.  That will be nice.

Stories can be voted up or down, presumably to help refine your “Interest DNA”.  I am a real fan of applications that learn and become smarter because of your actions.  The personal value of the application appreciates over time.

It will be interesting to see how this develops.

I found about TheNeeds through a message on Twitter – another testament for being connected and learning as you go.

Once I found about it, I’ve made it part of my reading routine.  I like the fact that it’s as powerful as an reading tool that I have in my arsenal and I can read it right in my browser.  The tab just stays open all day and I get a quick read when I need it.  I’m a real fan of the algorithm that generates what I can read.  RSS is great but it’s so nice just to discover content from places that I had no idea even existed!

I’m not aware of any of the people I know using TheNeeds so I’d like to hear from you if you’ve tried it.  Has it made its way into your reading routine?

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