The Conversation Begins – #BIT14

Part of the huge success of the ECOO BringITTogether 2013 Conference was the amount of social activity that was built into the event.  Unlike traditional conferences that run from 8-3, we designed activities that extended the learning day with events like:

  • Run with Alana
  • Jam Session
  • OASBO ICT Banquet and Concert
  • Minecraft LAN Party
  • Photowalk by the Falls
  • ECOO Banquet
  • BIT Social

If you didn’t meet someone new, you had to be avoiding everything.

This year’s committee is taking the social concept and running with it.  Things apparently are still a secret but details will be revealed in due time!


The best way to plan three days of learning is to have a voice in things.  To that end, committee member Paul McGuire (@mcguirp) has organized a series of Twitter chats where you can talk about things leading up to the event.  All of the committee that can attend will be there to read your thoughts and allow the best to inform them in conference planning.

As noted in Paul’s Twitter Message, the first of the #BIT14 Twitter chats will be tonight starting at 7pm.  Paul’s asking you to vote on what you’d like to talk about for this first one.

Response, so far, to the Twitter Poll has been impressive.

It’s not to late to have a vote on the first topic.

And, of course, you’re all welcome to join in on the chat.  Think of it as a way to influence the direction of the planning AND to make connections with others in advance of the event so that you can hit the ground running.

 Join the discussion by opening a search for #BIT14 in your Twitter browser.  You can follow all of the discussions surrounding #BIT14 on this Tagboard.

See you online Wednesday night.

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  1. Closer than I thought! I was ready to start organizing for the barriers to tech in the classroom question, but I guess we will have to wait. The poll closes at 5:00PM. Will be looking for supplementary questions everyone.


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