Did it!

I got 2048!

and no … I didn’t get it by cheating or by digital editing.  It was done legitimately, and with a great deal of work and effort.

It just wasn’t with the original game.

As I blogged yesterday, the 2048 game is a very addictive time consumer (waster) game that had its code released as open source.

So, I was investigating an intriguing mathematics Tumblr site called “Visualizing Math” which is a fantastic resource for animations and visualizations in mathematics.  This is well worth the time, effort, and exploration for such visualization.

In the middle, there’s a discussion of the 2048 game.  It was here that I read about the 9007199254740992 game!

Let me see here:












and so on and so on.  All made easily available through the benefit of open source.  The only problem is that the 8×8 grid is too large to display on the screen at default.  I had to do a few Command – keystrokes to make it all visible.  I thought, just for a moment, that I had a rationale to purchase a higher resolution screen!

It begs the question – there undoubtedly are more variations of the game available.

Do you have one to share?

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3 thoughts on “Did it!”

  1. Hey Doug!

    So wait — let me get this straight — you got to 2048, but NOT using the 4×4 grid of the 2048 game?

    You got 2048 by using all that elbow room available in the 8×8 grid (400% of the allowable tiles in the 2048 game) of the 9007199254740992 game? That doesn’t seem very kosher.

    I’m going to suggest that you use any spare time you might have available from WwF to work at getting 2048 in the for-real 4×4 grid. Challenge yourself to get it legally!


  2. Hi Mr. Doug! I really liked your post, but it raised a bunch of eyebrows when I tried to explain it to my friends! Of course, we aren’t very math or even logic savvy, but we will eventually get it! Thanks for sharing!


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