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Can You Articulate?

Jenny Luca lives half a world away from me.  Or, I live half a world away from Jenny Luca.

Consequently, it’s kind of rare that her comments show up in my timeline (even when I look at my “Over There” list) but they’re a joy to behold when they do.  I happened to run into one this morning that reminded me of how well thought through her work with students is.  Part of the discussion appears below.

When you think of so many initiatives in education, it really is difficult to stay on top of them.  However, those that you plan to incorporate long term are special.  In particular, you should be able to articulate exactly what you’re doing and why.

It struck me as particularly noteworthy that she conducted workshops for parents to show and demonstrate exactly what was happening in her school with a Google Apps for Education implementation.

It seems to me that there are various levels that these discussions could take place.

  • with yourself  (and you’re probably easy to convince);
  • with colleagues (might be more difficult if it requires adding to an already bulging workload);
  • with principal (what will this cost?  what image does it have for the school?  will the board approve this?);
  • with parents (you want my kids to do what?)

With this simply hierarchy, you can see where the most difficult conversations would probably lie.

Are you prepared to lead a workshop for YOUR parents to confidently explain what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and where you’re going with it?

If not, should you even be doing it?

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