If I Tell You To Bet On a Horse…

…you might want to have second thoughts…

I was a big fan of Rockmelt for the web and blogged about my fandom here.

It changed so much about the way that I treated the web and I felt that it had the tools and ease to make digging and understanding so much easier for me.

Then it went under.

But, it was replaced by Rockmelt for iPad.

I quickly became a big fan of that and blogged about it here.

Like the web version, it was a nice combination of web and tools for getting to stories.  It was my go-to app.

Then it got bought by Yahoo!  And it’s gone away.  I even kept reference to it in my ECOO13 presentation about social reading.  I kept hoping that it would return as Yahoo!Melt or something.  Nothing yet.

I’m also a big fan of Zite.  One of my blog posts about it appears here.

Now, the word is out that it will go away too.  Zite has been acquired by Flipboard.

Does this mean Strike three?

I do have a number of sources of news reading at my finger tips.

I was introduced to Flipboard by my friends from the Waterloo Region DSB.  It’s a nice application and let’s hope that the acquisition of Zite makes it even better.  One of the powerful things about Zite is the serendipity that it provides in news reading.  You seldom know where the next great story will come from.  Zite has learned what I like to read and I can give thumbs up and thumbs down on articles to help refine the content and lessen the time that it takes to find the good stuff every morning.

I just tell it what I’m interested in reading.  My list looks like this:  Education, Infographics, Ubuntu, Blogging, Google, Google Apps, Google Chrome, Teaching, Gadgets, Humor, Apple News, Music News, Photography, Programming, Social Media, Sports, Technology, World News, Android, Canada, e-Learning, Facebook, Microsoft, Ontario, Professional Development, SharePoint, The Next Web, VentureBreat, Windsor, Yahoo, Surveillance, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office 365, Coding, Gnome, iPad, and Malware.

This generally gives me enough ammunition to get up and go on a daily basis.  I hope that the logic that Zite uses somehow ends up in Flipboard.  I’m not alone – Miguel Guhlin shared this post recently.

In the meantime, you might want to keep your money in your pocket and not take #3 in the fifth race.

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  1. Doug, your post is bang on this morning. With the disappearance of Vizify and Zite, I feel like we need to be really nimble users. Things can change so quickly. The message for educators and students is to curate your own content and not rely too much on apps- just use them for a while. One reason I love Evernote. Really hope that doesn’t disappear….


  2. Thanks, Sue. It’s easy, at times, to identify the fly by night service and not put all your eggs in that basket. I’ll be honest; Zite and I have been best reading buddies and life-long friends! I hope to see its influence in any new revision to Flipboard.


  3. Gah! I bet on your horses regularly, trusting your sense of what’s worth trying. I, too, mourn Rockmelt, and am really, really hoping that the merge doesn’t kill what I love about Zite. One only has to look at my early morning feed on Twitter to see that there are a lot of us out there who get our first hit of the day from Zite. Keep playing the ponies, please.


  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Lisa! I’m sure that we’ll adopt to a new reader but Zite just feels like a good pair of shoes for me.


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