A Better Streetview

I love the Streetview feature in Google Maps and Google Earth.  I use it all the time when I’m watching the news and want to get a sense about where the event is happening.  Or, I’ll use it to check out a Formula 1 racetrack – you can even tour the track at Monaco and I’ve done that a number of times.  Or, I will reminisce about places I’ve lived or gone to school.  Or, if I’m about to go to a new place, I’ll use it to get an idea as to what the place looks like so that I know when I get there.

Here’s the workflow that I typically use.

  • Open Google Maps;
  • Zoom in to the location; (or type the address in the search box)
  • Grab the Pegman and drop him close to where the placemark is;
  • Wait as we switch from map mode to streetview mode;
  • Orientate by looking around to find the location.

Now, it’s not nearly as onerous a task as it is to write it out but I just wanted to enumerate the steps.

There is a quicker way.  It’s called “Instant Google Street View” and located here.

When the site opens, just type your desired address and voilà!  You’re automatically placed in Streetview and automatically looking at the right side of the street!  To even speed up the process, pattern matches to your search appear as you type with imagery filling in as you go. It’s pretty amazing to watch.

In terms of reminiscing, here’s where I lived for the first year at university.

Quick and easy.

Give it a shot yourself and see if isn’t a bit quicker than the way you search for location using Streetview the conventional way.  You may just want to bookmark this!

And, if you want to reverse the process, there’s a button that will switch you to Mapview.  Heck, you can even look at random locations on the current map.

It might even change the way you think about finding or exploring locations.


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One comment

  1. Doug,
    I subscribe to postcrossing.com, an international postcard exchange. When I receive a card from almost anywhere, I look it up on streetview (which feels a LITTLE like stalking, but is done with honest intent.) It is amazing how this feature makes you be able to visit other places without leaving your computer chair.
    Thanks for another great post.


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