More to Think About

I’m still looking for some way to build stories from Twitter messages.  For the longest time, I’ve just built a Storify document.  Storify has a very powerful search that easily identifies Twitter messages provided you can find them.  In a recent post “To Storify or Not To Storify“, I shared how to build the story using a similar search routine from within WordPress itself.

Then, I remembered an installation that I had done a while back by hadn’t really used.  It promises to makes me lean back towards Storify as the way of doing things.

I use the Hootsuite Twitter management software.  One of the things that Hootsuite does to extend its functionality, is to allow for third party apps.  In fact, Storify has such an app.

I had installed it, probably tested it, and then forgot it.

However, now that I’ve found it again, it may offer a solution for me.

Once installed, it injects itself into the pulldown menu for each Twitter message displayed in Hootsuite.

And, when you choose that option, the following dialog appears…

Create a new story or add to an existing documents.

It’s that simple.

This app, one of the ones available from the Hootsuite App Directory, may be enough to remain with Storify.  Now, if I could just embed it into a post….

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