A BYOT Pinterest Board

I have a Pinterest board.  I put all of my blog posts on it.  It’s a duplication of this blog, to be sure.  But, I use it for a few reasons – one to show people how easily one can be created, another to show how to use Shareaholic to post quickly and easily and thirdly to show how to use an add-on to post from Firefox.  Mostly though, I use it instead of the actual blog when I want to find a previous post.  With WordPress, I could do a search or select by calendar entry but Pinterest does everything so visually, it’s just so easy to find what I’m looking for when an image pops off the screen.

PinterestThis morning, I was doing my regular routine and posting my latest and the OTR links to the Pinterest board.  Up popped a message.

Your pin has also been pinned to this board.

It happens, people like to automate the gathering process.  As it turned out, my OTR Links post had been posted to this other board about BYOD.  I wondered why and it turns out that one of the entries that I’d read yesterday included an article about BYOD.  Mystery solved.

I’m a fan of BYOD.  In fact, it’s school registration time and I think that if I had a student registering for a school or a new school, a question that I would be asking is “Do you allow students to use their own computing devices in your school?”  My own kids have been using them for notes, design, research, publishing, editing, video editing, etc. since they were able to work a mouse.  I would hope that their homework and research would be just an extension of the school day.  A friend of mine had a conversation once about what was worse – having no student wireless in a school or having student wireless but not allowing students to use it.

But, I digress.

I was very curious and so decided to check out the board that had scooped my post.


The first thing that caught my eye was the actual name for the board.  It was BYOT.

TomAto, tomahto.

The board was filled with a nice collection of resources – really nice.  I’ve decided to start following the board with my Pinterest account.  It looks like a very nice, active collection of things.

If you’re interested in the concept, and I hope that any blog reader of mine would be, check it out for yourself.  You might just want to follow it as well.  You might even decide to share it with your school and your own learning colleagues.

I remain a fan of the serendipity that online connections afford.  I just can’t imagine learning any other way.

OTR Links 02/15/2014

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