Delivering on the Promise

As a followup to my blog post a few days ago “Is it Time for Technology Use to Step Up and Deliver?“, this appeared on the local CTV News last night.

The only change I would make is in the title.  I’d change “Google Chromebooks are helping to alleviate snow day absences” to “Blended Learning with Google Chromebooks are helping to alleviate snow day absences”.

Could you do this?

When Enough Is Enough

I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that I don’t blog just to get comments.  However, it is indeed nice to get a comment on the blog every now and again.  I’ve mentioned before my fascination with Akismet and how it does a great job at protecting you from reading a bunch of nonsense that gets posted.  Periodically, one does slip through.  I have notifications from WordPress available and will check any new comment that comes along.  If it’s bad, then I’ll just mark it as spam and move along.  The logic is that Akismet gets smarter when we all help out by doing that.

Every now and again, the spamming gets a little more bizarre.  I’ll get a spam post that gets through Akismet and posts itself to the same post, over and over again.  The latest bit of attach has been occurring on a post I wrote 3-4 years ago called “Fascinating List of Blogs“.  It made reference to the effort of Miguel Guhlin in putting together a really comprehensive list of blogs.  It’s still a good post; it’s just too bad that it’s subjected to this type of abuse.  Here’s one of the posts.



If you know me, or even think you do from how I bare my thoughts on this blog, you know that this type of stuff is offensive to me.

I could go through and disallow comments to my blog posts.  I could approve replies before they become visible.  In my mind, that’s giving in.  It does get one down when it happens.  I could also just pack up and forget about continuing the blog.  There are days when I get close to that; but then I think of the awesome connections that I’ve made and that turns me around.

Besides, it’s just one seemingly random post that gets hit.  It’s so bizarre.

For now, here’s how I’m handling it.

I’ll go to the post in question and edit it.

I’ll scroll down to the section dealing with discussions.



and simply uncheck the boxes and save it.



For that post, discussion is closed.  While it was, and remains a good post, just a little big of blog-love has been taken away.  All of the other posts remain open and waiting for comments…until one of them gets picked on and I go through the process again.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

How do you handle it?

OTR Links 02/06/2014

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